Monday, January 21, 2013

A Big Un's a Brewing

Wow, it supposed to drop to ten degrees tonight. It was a bad night 30 years ago as well, when everything was frozen, tree limbs were popping off and electricity was out all over.  I was having babies, yes, two on that day so long ago.  Happy, happy birthday to my youngest Drummer Boy and Rae!
Saturday was wonderful for almost all the day long.  I slept in, had a long bath, went to the library and came home to find a sweet little sprite in my yard, Giddy-up, so happy to be soaking in some sunshine and feeding chickie girls.
Some inside play fixing motorcycles with Pap.  Love that sunshine streaming in. Wish you could see the whole picture of colors bouncing all around the room from the crystal in the window.

A few weeks ago, an old friend- Ms. Berrynice,  was deep cleaning and passed along to me a set of Raggedy Dolls she'd been given.

Ahh, giving the dolly a smooch!

 Giddy-up has a thing for sitting and folding chairs.  He wanted all of them unfolded and we sat Ann and Andy in the a chair and he chose one for himself."  Umm, is that dolly waving his hand at me?
 Then more unfolding until all of us were seated in a circle.  Only a precocious 22 month old could orchestrate all adults and dolls in a circle singing his current favorite song, "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes.
Oh, time to pause and give all circle participants a big lovie.  Thanks Ms. Berrynice for sharing such a sweet gift.

Yesterday morning I went to visit Lois in rehab. It is surely amazing what a bit of red blood cells will do for you. She's walking and doing well.
 On the way I stopped to get a drink for us at Micky D's.  The young man (he looked like he was 12) who gave me my drinks had the most melodious deep voice, think Morgan Freeman. I said, "Wow, you have the loveliest voice. You need to be in radio."  My comment produced the biggest, best smile that shot my morning full of sunshine.  Words are so powerful, aren't they?
Peace and love my friends.


  1. You really made his day and you deserve to feel great about that! Words really are so very powerful. Love the dolls and your singing circle!