Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back At It

Returned to the classroom, this week and it was a busy one.  This crazy weather we're having is giving me a major headache- ugh.

In December, my school kids made a snow family for their gift to their own families.  As is usually the case, a few times I doubted by sanity in this activity.  Many of my kiddos have two, three and four siblings, so this was no small undertaking.  After using the blanket stitch to sew them together, they crocheted the scarf and knitted the hats.
Every student left with a complete Snowman Family. So cute.

A sweet friend gifted me with some cutest bits of stuff to add to the fairy fort.  I didn't open any of it until I showed it to Missy Bugg. She exclaimed, "Gramerly, this stuff is all about you!" Referring to the little sewing basket, gardening tools and books.  Then she found the one with a tiniest paper tablet and minuscule pencil and paintbrushes and declared, "They are even for what you do!" in reference to my job as teacher.  "There's even something that is Pap's," when pulling out the little fishing supplies. If she weren't in enough awe of these treasures, a closer inspection of the flower garden revealed a so very wee ladybug.  She was thrilled.  She immediately put the chickens under the flowers for some shade.  Such fun!

Another fun activity is this game from Melissa and Doug called "Suspend."  Grandfather, Swee-Tee and I had a grand time trying to get all the branches to balance.  After several attempts, we finally managed to suspend each and every one.

Swee-Tee is expecting a new baby brother in a few months.  She informed Grandfather that he best be getting a new truck so they'd have room for Bubby to come to Gramerly's too.
Missy Bugg has an interesting habit of creating her own vocabulary whenever the right word isn't forthcoming.  Recently she left the supper table to assure me she'd eaten all of her "Ebenezer" salad (Caesar) and this week she brought me the pot of Amaryllis and inquired if it was a "Lilliana."  Never an end to the entertainment around these parts I'm telling ya.


  1. Opening and inspecting all of that with Missy Bugg's sounds so fun. They do add such magic to everything and they are so observant! What wonderful treasures for your fairy fort and I did gasp when I read about the ladybug! Too Cute!