Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Totally Weird

So, I can't decide what to wear and pull out my old standby- blue jean dress.  I am not even going to stop and count back the number of years I've had this thing.  I love the whole, pull it over my head, done business of dressing and this dress fits the bill.   During some part of the morning, I put my hand on my hip and am a little taken back by the fact that my dress has a rash. That, or someone is trying to send me a message in braille.
 I'm like, what in the world happened here?  I'm a picker by nature I fear. So my dress became a quite of source of entertainment, trying to pick off all the littlest bits creating the unusual texture.
With my old eyes, I could see nothing, but with my glasses, I saw the source of the bumps.  Can you see them?  You might have to click on the picture to see it larger, as I know you are now as interested in this mystery as I am.
While I'm great at putting things in my pocket, somewhat like a four year old boy, I'm not nearly as good at getting everything out.  I believe those are basil seeds, seeds that must have spun out over the whole dress.   If that isn't it, I have no other ideas.  It was entertaining to say the least.  I likely wouldn't have been as excited if all those seeds had sprouted.  


  1. Everyone should have a denim dress that slips over the head. Bumps just add character.

  2. But you must admit if they had all sprouted it would have really given the dress character!

  3. Thank you for your comments on my blog. You never know someone's troubles unless maybe you blog with them :) I did blog about it when Mia was hurt. and