Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Bonanza

Well, the big birthday month finally wound to a close today.  Mom's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated today.
 Last Saturday, Buttercup and Blue Boy celebrated being 2 and 4 at the local gymnastics place.  Giddy-up thought it was awesome.
 I can't believe Buttercup is four already.
 Our Blue Boy had a big time.

 After that party, I headed out to join the surprise party for my baby brother.
 Then Thursday we celebrated Great Uncle Tim, Missy Bugg and Miss Swee-Tee.
Wow, lots of celebrating.


  1. So many birthdays. We have a few in our family, too. Happy Birthday to all. I enjoyed the pictures.

  2. My goodness you have had a busy birthday month! Hope it means you got to eat lots of cake!