Saturday, September 22, 2012

Away They Go

After spending an hour filling out customs forms, it was with much excitement the Handy Man and I carted thirteen boxes to the post office this morning. It took them 40 minutes to process them, even with the paperwork done. 
We've been busy in fifth grade preparing to send the Captain and his group some love.  All of our wee folk at school stamped their hand on this tree.  One of my mom's oversaw all the stamping.  The kids said what they were thankful for and those words were added.  Each classroom made sweet letters, notes and cards
 as well.

 We collected instant foods, and candy for the soldiers and  lots of pens for them to pass out to children they encounter.  Here some of my girls are packing boxes. We had a box full for each person on his team.

There is a structure on the base they call Fort Awesome where Captain can hang the banner, hopefully as an encouragement for everyone there.

Each box also contained this poem.  

In southern Indiana, nestled in the hills,
You’ll find a group of children with a determined will,
To reach across the ocean, to a far and distant land,
To give some terrific soldiers a helping hand.

We hope to lift your spirits, to help you understand,
Our thankful hearts that extend through these small hands.
Not only are we grateful, but every day we pray,
That God will lead and guide you far from harm’s way.

We also pray, for the ones you’ve left behind,
For God to keep them in His care and easy on your mind,
A lot of love is being sent from some friends at SMK,
Until you’re back here again, we’ll be looking forward to that day.

With love and gratefulness

Ceece stopped by to see the banner, read all the  cute and endearing terms on the hands and shed a few tears.


  1. This is just wonderful. The soldiers are just going to love it. My cousin recently returned from Afghanistan and I know how much care packages from home helped him and the other soldiers! He would have loved this -- hope they can get a picture on the other end that they can share with you and you with us.

  2. Oh, my. Ceece's not the only one to shed a few tears. What a wonderful project! The banner is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful banner. I hope the soldiers enjoy it and feel the love from home.

  4. I'm excited for them to get it. I hope it brings a smile. It's so long. Probably still a week and a half at best before it arrives over there.