Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shower Time

It was my privilege and joy to help Rae host a shower for her best friend from way back to 7th grade.  Kristen has been such a part or our life. She was a wonderful support throughout Rae's wedding and did an amazing job crafting all the wedding flowers.  Kristen met her husband to be on a flight to visit her brother in Hawaii. Though an Indiana boy himself, he had been in Germany with the military for some time.  The rest is history.  Rae hoped to find wines from the many countries Kristen visited, along with a local wine, and one from the west where they are headed after the wedding. She envisioned a wine sipping shower.  I found some adorable plates  with a wine barrel and glass, then I recreated it for the  invitation.  It turned out so cute.
After this dry, hot summer, a storm blew through last night and indulged us with some lovely cooler weather. So Rae, Sister SuZQ and I autumned things up around the old place.  Even Handy Man was very involved with cleaning, lifting, hauling, etc. 
 I managed to salvage a few flowers through the drought to toss around.
 I picked up enough wine glasses, each one different than the other, and beaded the stems.  Each guest picked their favorite and took it with them. Rae created a guessing game of how the wines related to Kristen's traveling experiences.
 I was thrilled to use my little Australian gnomes in a fall vignette.

All is ready. 

 Pretty girls.
 The husband to be is a big outdoorsman, so a camo nightie and appropriate reading materials were in order.
It was a great afternoon with a wonderful bride-to-be.  Blessings sweet girl!

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  1. You did an amazing job! I love all the little details -- like the labels on the buffet. And you used the gnomes! I love the idea of the wine glasses and getting to take them home! Great party!