Friday, July 20, 2012

Well Bust My Bubble

Another very warm Playdate.  The kidlets brought their stuffed animals to play Vet Clinic.  One time a summer, I pick up a sack full of powder, bandages and tape. I had several small boxes to add to the play.

 I don't orchestrate this in any way, just throw the stuff out there and watch the powder fly.  I'm surprised someone doesn't call the fire department, as it looks like something is on fire from all the flying powder.
Ceece brought an old friend that could certainly use a clinic of some sort, but after reviewing our animal clinic, decided against treatment today.

I guess back in the Beanie Baby stage Aunt Lois was gifted with several critters, which she passed out today. The kids enjoyed getting them.

Mr. Giddy-up is now creek smitten and believes the way to the creek is through his Gramerly's arms and heart.  I love to watch him thinking about the way, then making his way straight to me, arms held up (with the mama standing right there, huge), then pointing to the troll tunnel and voicing his  opinion about going right now, which I humbly obey.  He will spend quite a bit of time there with me, before asking for Mama and finding his way back to the troll tunnel. 

He isn't crazy about riding in the jeep, but he loves to sit in it.

 It was too hot for much physical activity by late afternoon, so we had a bubble blowing contest. It was hysterical to see all the tricks the little one's tried to figure out bubble blowing.

 Rae-rae won during the competition, but Ms. Shell ended up the winner.

 The creek is still in desperate need of a good swishing out, so until that happens, I make sure the creekers get a good swishing with the old orange Dial soap.  Look at those pinky cheeks, no sunburn, just hot.
Enough of Playdate for today.

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  1. LOVE, love, love that last picture! Those little ones are all going to have such wonderful summer memories!