Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paint and More Paint

Oh Paint, how do I love thee,
umm, not so much.
Well, my first painting on a real board was, how should I put this- awful, terrible, very bad, no good.
Then I was to try and mix paints to get a color chip that was sent in the packet. I didn't EVER get the color that was in the packet. I did however get some greens I liked.
Okay, next assignment, to use some of the "ephemera" in packet on your collage.  There was a paper doily that reminded me of "wisheez" (dandelion heads ready to blow away), so I went with that. I used the green I liked for grass and the wisheez are supposed to look like they are blowing in the wind (where you'll find the answer my friend). I don't think you are supposed to have tell someone what is happening, but I'm new at this, okay?

Title: A Dandy-lion Doily Kind of Day


  1. I like it. The chicken patterns are great and the green is beautiful!

  2. I like it, too! And if I could do anything even close to that good I would be thrilled!!! LOVE your chickens!