Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nearly There

Well, Handy Man and I have nearly completed our bedroom, the attic room and the craft, kid room with their bed and crib. I've gone through everything and sorted and sorted, trashed and packed cart loads to the Salvation Army. For now, the attic room is easy to maneuver and there's a place for everything and everything in it's place. Same with the kidlet/craft room. There is a worktable for me and two desks with stools and lamps and loaded with pens and papers, markers, stickers, cards, blah, blah. Yeah, it might stay that way for about fifteen minutes. Neatness is nowhere understood in my psyche. I just can't manage it.
Much to the lack of understanding from my friend-girls, I don't really pack a purse. I have one. It hangs on the doorknob. I don't smoke or wear lipstick and hardly ever write checks anymore. Our school doors must remained locked at all times. If I don't carry my keys in my pocket, they'll be lost. I also feel the need to carry my cell phone in the event of being outside and having a need for another adult, plus, I use it to tell the time. I take my students outside frequently. So, since I can only own clothing with pockets, I go ahead and throw a little change purse in there. The littlest change purse though is full of my credit card, library card, license, gift cards, Kroger card- okay, I know you get it. That doesn't leave any room for change. So, when I get home, empty my pockets, plug in my phone, I have a tendency to dump out the change somewhere. Remember the whole lack of a neatness gene? Well I'm not terribly picky where the change lands. This train has a caboose, just hang in there. So we're cleaning and cleaning and Handy Man is laughing every time he finds a handful of change somewhere. Like a little squirrel lives here and hides money. So he keeps finding and collecting, and rolling and laughing at me I might add, and gets a big kick out of the final total, $210.00, yes, in change.
Well, see I had this idea that I'd try to get my gramerlings to buy into the change saving thing and we'd get some chickens or goats for a family somewhere.
For whatever reason, Ol' Mother Hubbard finds this as entertaining as the Handy Man and has a moment in the Target store and thinks she'll buy me a present. All things considered it was a reasonable and needed gift. She knows me, so decides this gift needs to be something I can't miss and will manage my evil non-purse toting, change throwing ways. The gift- why a bank of course.

She's hopeful that it's big enough for me to hit while I'm tossing. Farmer John added a large hole on top and she decorated it with beautiful children as you can see. In addition to a much needed laugh after all that painful cleaning, this gift also inspired me with those sweet faces of all color. This will be a gramerling bank for my little gramerling who needs to come to Rae-rae through a different route. Adoption is so very expensive. $210.00 will be a nice start and the best use I know of my loose change. It's big enough if anyone else wants to throw their change in as well.
Soon enough, he'll be ready for a sibling and we don't care what color.

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  1. I just love your purple bank! Love the photos on it, too. Maybe some day everyone can be "color blind".