Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a Little Scrap of Wood

I think Bean spends all week between one Gramerly Night and the next plotting and hatching what he wants to accomplish.
A recent conversation
B- Did Pap get a message from me and Dad?
G- Umm, well he might have but he didn't mention it to me.
B- Well, we wanted to know if he could help me cut out my car for the Pine Wood Derby.
Enter Miss Bugg in the conversation- I hate Boy Scouts!
G- Why do you hate Boy Scouts?
Bugg- Because I can't go.
G- Well, that's true, but you can go to Girl Scouts.
Bugg- Yeah and you know what happens if you don't sell all those cookies?
G- What happens?
Bugg- You get to eat them.
G- Well then . back to Bean
G- I think Pap will be happy to help you buddy.
B- Okay, well I also want to make a flip book and ____(I can't remember what the other was).
B again- I mean I know that's a lot of stuff, so we don't have to do it all, but if we can.....
G- Well honey, I don't know if Pappy has all the stuff he'll need for your car, but we'll ask him.
B- Oh, I have everything we need in my back pack.
It seems the old PineWood Derby is done a bit differently now. All the car parts come in a box. In addition, all the other scouts it seems take their box to specified location and it's cut out with some machine. I guess the child gets to paint it, but not much other involvement.
Pappy and Bean cut out the car and Bean sanded and painted it. It didn't win, but I believe, hands down, he'll have a better memory of the event than some.
We did manage to get to the flip book that night, but since I can't remember the "other" item, I guess it will wait.


  1. It's so cool that Bean knows that at Gramerly's house he'll get a special kind of help and support. I know his parents are wonderful, too, but grandparents' houses are especially suited to projects!

  2. I bet you are right and this will be special memory!