Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bunny Drama

There's a bunny mystery afoot. Because I have the largest class at our little school, and due to my rather bohemian style of teaching, I use two classrooms. Most of the day is spent in one room, while art activities, etc. go on in the other room. The bunnies spend Monday through Thursday in that room. They have a cage big enough to hop around a bit and stretch out when they're tired. There is also one of those yard pens that surround the cage. In the mornings, the students on bunny patrol feed the boys and let them out into the pen where they can hop about, up and down, in and out of their cage and a shoebox. On top of the cage sits the small blue carrier that I use to transport them to and from school. Are you still with me?
Okay, good.
Anyway, I do literacy groups all afternoon with fourth and fifth grade and they rotate through learning zones in and out of that room. After school, one of my kids asked me why Merry was in the carrier. Well, I assumed someone bumped the cage, knocking the carrier in the pen and Merry was hopping in and out of it. Imagine my dismay, and fury when I went in to return to them to their cage for the evening to find Merry zipped in that carrier, sitting on top of the cage. Someone took him out of the pen, put him in the carrier and sat him on top with no food or water. The last time I was in the room was at 8:50 when the students let them out and fed them, so it happened after that and before 12:50 when my instructional assistant was with my kids in the room. It was so one of those weird twilight zone feelings. Who was in the room? Who took it upon themselves to chase, grab, enclose the bunny and leave him on the cage like that? Did the guilty party think that was funny? They either knew how to handle a bunny, or they are likely very scratched up as Merry does not take to being picked up. Ahhhhh! It makes me so mad!
Well, speaking of bunnies, the last leg of their tour took me to Miss Antebellie and Miss Linee's preschool. I decided to use Knuffle Bunny in their class as well. The activities I used with Bean's class would have been too challenging for three and four year olds. So, since the story revolves around Trixie's bunny being accidentally put in the washer, I made an activity to allow them to retell the story.
A washing machine.
Next, each child chose a wardrobe and a bunny to color.
Then they put their clothes in the washer to hide the bunny. Of course, like Trixie, they found and saved the bunny.
A little pocket on the back to keep clothes and bunny in when not telling the story.
They were sweet and enjoyed the story, patting the bunny and having a cookie. It was a busy day and both the bunny boys and I needed a nap when we were done.
Kaye is having some drama of her own. She is back in the hospital as the last surgery is not healing and she is in a lot of pain with both legs. They went back in last night (uh, at 11pm) to clean it up, then followed immediately with dialysis, after which she had a seizure (that would have been about 4:30 am). So she and Aunt SuZQ had an eventful night. She now has to have a roto-rooter surgery on the left leg. Friends, it's awful and that's all. Keep praying.


  1. Your bunny lessons are so cute. I am sorry about the bunny and very sorry about Kaye. It makes you wonder how much one person can endure. I hope that everything gets better.

  2. Poor Merry! And your bunny lessons ARE very cute! I can sure see why you wanted a nap.

    I will keep Kaye in my thoughts and you, too. Worrying about her has to be a huge drain on you. Be sure to take time to take care of yourself in between taking care of everyone else.