Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hmm, Guess it's Coming

Well, it's abundantly clear, that just like every year, Christmas is going to follow Thanksgiving.

Every season Kohl's has books they sell with a stuffed animal. I really, really try not to buy the gramerlings stuffed animals. The book though, is so very beautiful. And wouldn't you know the page where the child is swinging is superimposed onto a scene where dolphins are off in the distance. Of course, with the great love of the ol' blue dolphin swing I wasn't able to resist. I wrote each child a letter in the back of their book. So on this first Sunday of Advent, I made the usual, turkey salad, and loaded potato soup and had everyone over and gave them each their winter scarf, dolphin and book. Christmas has begun at Gramerly's.
Scarves for my wee boys.

I told my big kids that I make a concerted effort to not think about what happens to gifts when they leave my hand. Maybe they are regifted, stuck in the Goodwill box, whatever. This time I asked that they save those sweet books with my letter for always please.
We had a little photo session in hopes of getting them all at least looking in the same direction for a Christmas card. What was I thinking?

Our little Gideon was a happy boy all the day long and even let Pappy and I hold him a little bit.
Hopefully, we'll see a lot of him through the holidays and he'll get more and more comfy in our arms.

Pete and Mom both seemed to have a hard day today, though I'm not sure any day is good at the moment.Bless their hearts. Please keep them in your prayers.


  1. Aww the dolphin swing. Icon of their childhood. What perfect gifts. I'm curious why you don't get them stuffed animals. I don't really either because they seem to pile up. Hope the Christmas season is happy and healing for your family.

  2. You are such a good Gramerly! I love the Kohl's Cares books and stuffed animals, and I love the fact that the profit goes toward children's health and education initiatives--$180 million since 2000! That should make you feel good, even about buying stuffed toys. But I'm a little biased. When I was a kids, the two things I wanted were stuffed animals and books.

  3. Shari- About those stuffed animals, well it's just easy for me to keep buying, buying, buying and like you said, piling, piling, piling, so, I try to not give in to all that fluff too often.
    Susan- Aww thanks. It does make me feel better that it might benefit another child.