Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunny Boy Tour Part 2

Next stop on the tour was Bean's 2nd grade room. That picture of Bugg with the golden shoes was the only "at school" picture I got the whole day. I snapped that one and the battery informed me it was finished-arrgghhh, so frustrating. Oh well.
I chose Knuffle Bunny to read to Bean's class as it was mighty cute and fairly short, and a book I felt all the kidlets could connect with. I read that story, then we broke into three groups. One group visited with me and the bunny boys and I used the bunnies to discuss and write similes. I made books for another group. Bean and I had created a box of pom-pom bunnies to inspire their story. Each student chose a bunny and book to create his/her own story. I made a story about Pippin's Big Adventure in Room D22 to give them additional support.
Thankfully, the glue dried clear, so they were quite cute when I packed them up. Missy Bugg's class also got a tiny bunny.
The third group worked with still another book about a responsible bunny who planted carrot seeds and waited patiently for the carrots. I had four copies and marked each with the reading parts along with props to act out the book. The students rotated through the groups every twenty minutes.
Lastly, a treat.
I sent my cookie lady a picture of the boys.

And picked up these cookies, which I left with Bean's class for an afternoon snack. I left them with Bugg's class as well, of course.
On the way out, I stopped to say, "Hello" to a favorite kindergarten teacher and she let her little ones pat the bunnies too.
So before noon, we'd visited about sixty students, with one more group to go.


  1. Good use of bunnies and creativity!

  2. Great post and I love the cookies!

  3. The pom-pom bunnies are adorable, as are the cookies. But the live bunnies are the cutest of all!