Saturday, November 19, 2011

Her Rose

We have had the most beautiful days this autumn that I can remember in a while. Still, we've had some cold and a few frosts now.
I have two old rose bushes at the side of the house. They bloom majestically in spring. I've posted pictures here before. Now and again I'll see another rose or two pop out through the summer months. But spring is their season.
Kaye loved beautiful flowers. That is another thing we shared.
Imagine my surprise, wonder, comfort and joy to find a bud on that rose bush on the day she died. A tiny bud from a dormant rose. If you look closely you can see a rose-hip behind it. All that I usually find on this bush in autumn.
Then, in full bloom on the day of her burial.
Such a sweet gift. I don't know, a little God present that says, "You are loved and I want to give you some comfort." Yes thank you, I'll take it.


  1. That certainly brought a tear to my eye. I'm sure she sent it and is watching over you.

  2. We had several strange coincidences following the death of my father. First, about two weeks after Dad's funeral, the huge oak tree behind his house up and died. Now, we have been having a drought, but still the timing was strange. Then my daughter had put a rose from his spray in a vase, and after the rose was dead, a little sprout came out from the stem and it bloomed again--one tiny fresh rose from what looked like a completely dead one. Then last week we put Dad's house on the market. We signed the papers on his birthday, and I was feeling sad. Then I noticed that Dad's angel trumpet--his favorite flower--was blooming. It was like a little message from him saying that everything was okay.