Monday, September 12, 2011

What Teachers Want to Tell Parents Thanks CNN
Did you catch this article on CNN. I think it is an awesome article. Ms. Glitzy said as much on her FB page and I responded with:
Might I add that when a parent comes in with both ears and eyes open, showing kindness and respect for the hard work teacher's do and asks how they can help, they usually have a teacher doing backflips to support their child.I have been so blessed to know and work with so many of those kinds of parents (perhaps that's what is wrong with my back).
I had a child that needed that support. Personally, I never thought sending curt notes, challenging every concern of the teacher, talking trash about the teacher to my child, and expecting the teacher to think for my child was the best tactic for putting my child on their good side. And lastly, I find it a little ridiculous to think a teacher would never feel frustrated with my child, when she/he had him for more waking hours than me and I got frustrated.
Actually, that isn't my last thought, but hey, I'm not writing an article. Hmmmm.........

I love teaching children who love to learn. Give me a child that is interested in learning and the year will be magical. Give me a child who isn't and the year will be long and challenging for both of us.
If a child comes to me two years behind let's say. If I do everything I know to do and somehow accomplish what no teacher before me has and bring them along a year's worth in a year's time, where will they be? That's right-still two years behind. And there is no way that any parent I have ever known is excited and thrilled to know that I haven't preformed a miracle.
Our state law requires that I teach fourth grade standards, no matter where the child is academically. For instance, today I was teaching variables in math, that would be algebra. Any child development book will make it clear that children the age I teach still think concretely. Numbers are not letters and letters cannot have a numerical value. There is nothing at all wrong with those students, they are just not developmentally there. Still, I have to teach it and when they don't master it, then something is wrong with me. I reviewed exponents with one kiddo I remember every two weeks for the entire year and 3 with an exponent of 2 was 6, not 3x3.
Well, as I said above, I could go on and on. I was happy to see CNN report on a situation that is so very true.
Also it's on my mind, cause now and again, you get one of those parents that you can't please no matter what you do. Then they enjoy telling anyone who will listen exactly how they feel about my lack of miracle working abilities. It's hurtful and it's untrue, the things she says, but what can you do? This person is also a teacher by the way.
Well, for the ones who are there to learn and grow, that we do. We are studying Asia and they are currently making a panda pillow. Today we ate rice with chopsticks. They are comparing rice, wheat and corn. Tomorrow it's wheat bread and Wednesday it will be popcorn. They are growing the above mentioned grains and recording the growth in their science journals. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes is all about the horrors of war, peace and remembering- what all of us were doing over the weekend, though 50 years removed from Sadako's experience. I'm good at what I do. I connect it up, make it meaningful, teach life skills and have some fun. I'm so sorry that there are some miserable ol' people in this world who make it their mission to make others miserable too.


  1. You know I am going through trials with my grandson and his teacher. I am grateful for this post. It does give me a different perspective. I think I will have a more positive attitude in working with his teachers in the future. When you talk about your curriculum, it always sounds awesome. I am sure you are a great teacher.

  2. I found this article to be insulting and condescending, actually. Perhaps if i hadn't first seen it on the page of another teacher on facebook who constantly complains (she doesn't live locally) I would feel different, but as it stands it did nothing but put me on the defensive. (and I'm not the only parent that felt this way):-(

  3. Shari, it's so hard on the student, the teacher, the mama and the g-ma when a child doesn't learn like the norm. Still, I think being positive with the teacher can only help. Glad it gave you some perspective.
    Ceece- I'm not sure if you aren't the type of parent he talks about that you would understand what he is talking about. I have experienced most of things he mentions either personally or with a nearby teacher. There are parents who call to try and get you to change a child's grade. If I say I see a problem focusing, then they turn it around and say I said there child should be on drugs. If I insist a student finish their work before moving on to an activity that isn't a standard, I'm accused of picking on the child. The list goes on and on and on. If you don't do those things, then I don't really get being insulted, but we each are entitled to our own opinion.

  4. That's the point. I, along with a majority of parents, don't do these things, so why write an article speaking to us like we're dumb or jerk parents? I guess I wouldn't be so defensive if this wasn't the first article like this I've seen. Especially with all the support I feel parents gave last year with the BS budget cuts, here the parents are, being berated.
    Sure, you're gonna come a jerk parent, just like I'm sure at some point everyone comes across a jerk teacher. They're out there, it doesn't mean all parents are jerks, or all teachers are.
    I don't know if that makes any sense or not or clears it up.