Sunday, September 25, 2011

Party, Party, Party

Wow, it's been a wild week. In addition to my anniversary, two little dollies celebrated their birthday and another friend turned the big 40. We've had parties nearly everyday.

In so many ways she seems five, but this picture captures a little of that Bugg babyness that I feel the need to hold onto a big longer. She's all about princesses, school and her big brother. She loves to do all sorts of crafts. Recently we were upstairs in the Nipping Room, doing those annoying little plastic cards that you put teeny tiny plastic beads on, which can never be successfully toted to the ironing board without spilling some and having to delicately replace them, yeah those. Anyway Bean was telling me that they have those at daycare and once he designed a particularly interesting pattern on his. Bugg piped up, "Yeah, he really did. It was inspiring! " Ahh, inspiring the four years olds at the ripe ol' age of seven. I love that. She is all sassy and sweet and I could just smooch off those cheeks.
And Missy Buttercup is all of three now. You could lose yourself in those baby blues. She might love princesses today, but be all about spiderman tomorrow. She still loves to eat popsicles, swing on the dolphin swing, and pick the eggs. She's a great big sister, and is going to have lots of experience with that as she's expecting another sibling in the spring. I love to give her a squeeze.
I finally finished making and ordering Bean's book of our summer Day with the Dolphins and took it to him tonight. It was so sweet. I thought he was going to cry.
For lots of reasons, that trip was not the easiest thing I've ever done in the realm of grandparenting, but the memories are certainly precious to me.
Hope you did something fun this weekend.


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable. Mia will turn 5 in Nov. It is so cool to hear them start talking in such a grown up way and hear what they have been absorbing all this time. Mia adores her cousin, Jill, 8, and Jill adores her cousin, Jonah, 11. I guess that is how it goes.

  2. Your grandchildren are so beautiful with your wonderful curls! How is it they grow up so darned quick?

  3. Adorable girls! My weekend involved taking my two grandsons to the local park and praying that the one who is a daredevil didn't break anything. He has a new Ripstik and he wanted to try it out at the skateboard park. I think he has a few new bruises, but no broken bones.

  4. Yes, I just cannot grasp they could be five and three.
    Ahh, Susan, I don't do those activities well. Kudos to you brave grandma.