Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Fun

We had a full house for some birthday fun last Thursday on my big day. Handy Man grilled brats and the girls brought some tasty sides, including lemon raspberry cupcakes. Dee-wish-us!
I got lots of presents throughout the day. Great books, CD's, yummy tea, good smells, much needed muffin tins, some new clothes, and a few little homemade items like the card, book and bookmark you see here. Buttercup and BJ made the bookmark and Ceece, Bean and Bugg made the book.
This page from Bean cracked me up. He loves me because I let him bring live and dead animals in the house-ha.
Isn't this a good rendition of me? Bugg loves when I swing her.
This was from Ceece and the back said, "I love your never ending energy and devotion to playing with and entertaining kiddos." 14 little handmade pages that carry far greater weight than words can tell.

I was surprised by a visit from my baby brother and his little grandgirl. She has not been here much, but you would never know it. She just jumped right in the fray and had a big-o time.
She was clearly intimidated by the animals here on the farm.

Then Miss Tish and Ol' Mother Hubbard (with some very beautifully spangled homemade cards from her wee folk) made an appearance, so it was a party.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. You are a lucky woman. The handmade presents are so cute.