Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Happy Handy Man

This morning we headed out to the Farmer's Market and loaded up eggplant, corn, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers and butternut squash. I'm still getting tomatoes, but not enough to
satisfy two little tomato monsters of mine. Bean and Bugg will eat two or three at each meal.
I also picked up a loaf of sourdough bread to make my tomato/cucumber/basil bread salad that I'm not ready to say good-bye to just yet. That is about my favorite summertime treat. I won't be sad to enjoy another BLT or two either.

Then we were off to a little small town festival down the road a piece. A guy Handy Man works with came by this week to pick up a couple of big trees we lost in past ice storms. This fellow's brother has several antique steam engines. They go to these shows and demonstrate how the steam engines powered saws and threshers. So we went today to stroll around and then bring home a truckload of Handy Man's trees fresh from the sawmill.
I love that future toys and furniture for our kids and grands will come from trees right off their Gramerly and Pap's place. I believe I saw him salivate when he saw that pile of wood. He came straight and home and took proper of care of it and it is all put away to season. It makes me happy to see him so happy. He figured he would've had to pay about $1500 for that much lumber. Quite a prize for a woodworker. I can't wait to see what it will become.


  1. The story of the trees is wonderful! I think that is so cool that he will build with wood he grew!

    And as for the tomato/cucumber/basil bread salad -- you need to share that recipe!

  2. you should post the recipe so other's can enjoy it. Everyone should be required to make it. it's Amaaaaahzing!

  3. That is a special gift--not only to have a hand-created gift, but to have a hand-created gift from a grandparent's land!