Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well, suffice it say I've many more beachy/vacation piks I haven't posted than those I did post, but life goes on and I will too I guess. I did love one excursion particularly (perhaps after Dolphin Day). We loved the Florida Agricultural Museum. If you click on colored title it will take you there and you can see pictures of Bean and Bugg enjoying the museum and their delightful guide, Miss Debbie.
Tomorrow I head back to work officially. As is usual for me, I've spent many days there this summer, including today, unofficially. I met my new instructional assistant and was relieved to like her a lot and feel very good about the situation.
Yesterday was the last Playdate of 2011.
Bean and Bugg often come early. A dear friend had a fun project she wanted to try with them. A puppet she'd seen created by a puppet maker on the MUPPET team .
She came early and they got right to work. What a hoot. You can see the kids got a big kick out of their creations. They were so excited to show them off to their Mom when she came.

Toothy bananas are just too funny.
I can imagine we'll have lots of fun with them for a very long time.
I so love when dear friends share their talents with my little ones. I love for them to experience someone else's creativity and style.
Thanks Gardner E for a fun and long lasting toy for lots of imaginative play!

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