Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ahhh, We Did It

My little Gideon does not like to be out of his Mommy's arms. This is troubling because first, I long to hold and smooch his little sweetness. Next, sometimes even when you are an "in love with the boy" new mommy, you still need a minute. Though breast fed, he takes a bottle fine, he just wants his mommy. He'll talk to Handy Man and I, smile, giggle, and coo, as long as the momma doesn't turn loose.
Today, Rae Rae hoped to have a wee date somewhere close by whilst the Pappy and I kept the boy. Michael brought him in and right away it went smoother with Daddy handing him off instead of Mom. I showed him a slide show of himself set to "You've Got a Friend in Me," which he found quite entertaining. Hoping for the best, I took him out to the stroller. I strolled him for an hour. He slept about thirty minutes of that time, then was quite content to watch the leaves blowing through the trees. Then we went in for a bottle.
So, at last, Mommy and Papa had a little date and I enjoyed the boy. He was done by then, and happily returned to his Mommy.
But his big day wasn't finished. Rae-rae is a voracious reader of nutritional books and adheres to the notion that cereals are not best foods for babies. According to her resources, you begin with the soft yolk of free range egg. So with some help, Gideon picked and sampled his very first non-mommy food. He loved it.
I think I'm going to have to get some more chickens.
It was such a delightful day!

Whoa, where is this place?
What do you do with this thing?
Ahh, that's what you do with it! Lip smacking good. No spitting it back at you from this wee one.
How in the world do we keep coming up with these big blue eyes. All of grandchildren's fathers have brown eyes.


  1. You are a good and patient grandma. Gideon is adorable. Love those blue eyes.

  2. What a wonderful day for each of you! Those eyes... another grandma melts!

  3. A couple of my grandkids were v-e-r-y fond of their mothers. Grannie just wouldn't do. But I learned how to cope. With one, I had to sing to him, despite the fact that I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

    Cute kid! I wanted a kid with brown eyes like my mom's, but I didn't get one. But I do have a brown-eyed granddaughter!