Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Weeks In

I made a commitment to working hard to have one bean, one egg and one seafood meal each week. I didn't necessarily think it had to be in a row, it just worked out that way this week. So far, we're doing good. Sunday was a mushroom and swiss frittata, Monday baked fish, and tonight we enjoyed bean and cheese quesadillas. If I keep at this too long Handy Man will get crotchety and feverish, so tomorrow night, meat is back on the menu.
Kaye is probably headed home after restoring some blood lost yesterday. For now the decision is to send her back for the oxygen treatment for two more weeks and make further decisions. after that. I don't exactly get that when there is no circulation below the knee. Hello, where is the oxygen going to go? What I do know is I'm relieved. I am not in denial. I knew when the first surgery had to happen that short of a Red Sea miracle we were headed down a long and painful road to the end. They can't cure her, they can't even keep her where she is, and I am fully aware of the reality of this situation. But for today, I am grateful that we have two week reprieve. Thank you Jesus.

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  1. I went down a similar road with my mother-in-law, so you have my sympathy. Sending good thoughts to Kaye.