Sunday, July 24, 2011

Novice Beach Goers

So we finally arrive at our beach destination after two full days of driving. It was dark when I arrived, but I took the kids down to the beach anyway. They had waited a long time and needed to at least see and hear it. Of course, it was big and loud. We fell into bed, but were up early to meet the day.
We slathered everyone throughly from head to toe with sunscreen and tried to make ready-no small task. Not knowing what we would need, we decided to err on the side of overdue. Ol' Mother Hubbard and I both had a gargantuan beach bag with towels, sheet, beach blanket, goggles, sun glasses, more sunscreen along with a bag of beach toys that looked like something Santa himself would be intimidated by, along with a cooler full of snacks and drinks. We haul it all across the road and down the stairs, looking like the Beverly Hillbillies I'm sure.
The beach blanket is spread, the toys brought out, the little ones trying out the water and all is well for oh, twenty minutes, when a big black storm cloud pops up and nearly drowns us as we try to herd six wee folk and all that baggage back up the stairs, across the road and up more stairs to the apartment. If we thought it was overload going down, that was no comparison to going up with it all soaking wet. Some serious rain.
About the time we got everyone and everything under cover, it stopped.
Okay, so forget the towels, it's plenty warm and they'll air dry by the time we walk back home. And, let's risk putting the toys under the stairs and not hauling them to and fro. We did make one more attempt with the cooler, but nary a child asked for a drink for a snack. I returned at 2 and we didn't head back until seven. After that, it was a small bag for keys and camera and the Boogie boards.
Just a few toys.

Sand Monsters
Antebellie is ready for some serious waves.
The boys head out to try the Boogie Boards.
Baby Boy heads back, wanting no part of the water.
Bean's first big find. The ocean was new everyday. One day it was starfish, the next jelly fish, another day tiny shells, and Bean was a master and finding something new and interesting everyday.
I am not a strong swimmer, nor do I particularly love the ocean. I like looking at it and hearing it, but it's vastness and constant movement is a bit scary to me. I was thankful Miss An-La came along, who wasn't the least bit concerned. Luckily, the kids were a bit unsure at first too and weren't too willing to go far those first couple of days.
Oops, forgot the in between piks of the Indian mounds in Macon- Big!
This is where Miss Bugg thought it would be fun to throw her baby down the side. Some sweet young man was kind enough to climb up from the bottom and fetch it for her.
Let's say this was a good activity to pursue before settling in for another long ride.
Bean ever monitored Bugg's activity and got a big kick out of her falling asleep with a sucker in her mouth. He took this picture.


  1. I think that last picture is my favorite. Doesn't get more peaceful than that!

  2. More beautiful pics! What brave children as well, picking up those amazing creatures. I wish I was half as courageous - I always assume everything will bite, nip or sting me and quite possibly all three. So I really admire that brave curiosity! But like Grandma Kc, I love the last picture the most.

  3. I'm not too brave with the unknown either.
    Yes, little exhausted girl, so sweet.