Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maybe I'm Crazy

Back in the winter when plans began to firm up for this trip, I got a lot of looks like, "You are crazy to take six little ones to the beach." I figured it would be exhausting, but I thought I was up for it. I knew it would just be life as usual for Ol' Mother Hubbard.
I've long had soft spot for people who begin to look forward to retirement, then find themselves in the position of needing to raise their grandchildren. That happened to my mom. When mine leave from after Playdate or a couple of days when their parents are out of town, I am entirely spent. I could not even go to a place where I would again return to full time child rearing. Trust me, I still feel a great deal of sympathy for those folks, but once again realized you just do what you need to do.
My little Miss Bugg tolerates no closed doors or lights out, so for the most part, we were the three musketeers 24/7, from the time we pulled out of the drive till we pulled back in fifteen days later. I did leave her with Rae-rae while Bean and I swam with the dolphins. I did manage a few minutes in the morning sometimes. My goal was always to have a cup of coffee before having to actively engage in conversation and child tending. Most days I made it. Ol' Mother's Hubbard's wee ones are early to be and early to rise, so this often meant a 5:30ish cup of coffee. Bugg seldom naps and Bean never naps, so it was go, go, go, all day. Just keeping all six of them fed, and watered was no small chore. Hats off to folks with a ton of kids. You just develop a new routine and do what you need to do, but it certainly returns to a place when all your thoughts and what to do next is all about them.
You start with a new toy for the road and some goodies to provide as you plod along. Bean and Bugg were really good travellers for almost all of the trip down. I dug out mine and Rae-rae's old Walkman CD players and had several books on CD. I don't have a DVD player, so no movies on the road. They enjoyed their books. Both of them are great auditory learners.

We're ready.
Supper was a rest stop in Tennessee with some time to run and stretch.
We finally made it to Macon. Our hotel was great- thanks Big D!
A few cartoons while we get everyone dressed and repacked.
Ready for Indian Mounds, then another day of travel.

I must admit it was lovely to come home last night to a dinner prepared by Handy Man with lots of delicious goodies from the garden. But this morning, I've had my coffee and I'm missing them.


  1. My hat is off to you! 15 days! I don't think I could have done it -- but it would be fun trying! But I am like you, I love having Amara here but I am just exhausted when she goes home. This morning I did make it up before her and had much coffee. Thank goodness for coffee.

  2. I bet you did an amazing job of creating a wonderful time for everyone. You are an inspiration! Gorgeous pictures too.