Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Away We Go

Way back in the winter, when I was missing sunshine and gramerlings, I had an idea-dear me.

I've been having Playdate for five years. I'm not sure if a Playdate has ever ended without a disgruntled wee folk loudly protesting the end of the fun. Seldom do they end without a request for a sleepover. My idea, when ice bound in January, was to find a place by the water, somewhere to have a big sleepover and day after day of sunshine and play.
I asked Ol' Mother Hubbard if she would consider such an idea. She clearly was having some mid-winter depression and jumped on the idea. So, I started looking and lo and behold found exactly what I was looking for.
Since then, I've worked, planned, shopped, packed and worried, oh and prayed and prayed. It's a long way where we're heading, so we'll stop and spend the night. Some big blessings- we were gifted rooms coming and going by one friend and another friend got my car all checked out. Handy Man and Farmer John have been most supportive. Aunt G-lou made all the little girls vintage pillowcase dresses for beach pictures.
Seriously, it looks like we are moving out. I have no idea how I'm going to get all this stuff in my car. Aunt SuZQ will smile and nod and be happy to tell you that she is not the least surprised owing to my obsessive-compulsive ways.
Anyway, I'll be absent from this space for awhile. Handy Man and Uncle Jimi will do a fine job minding the chickie girls, pooch, and bunnies. They draw the line at blogging. I don't have a laptop, and you know I will have seven hundred pictures I think you need to see. Oh well.
This will be the longest I've ever been away from home, so I'd love for our little caravan to be in your prayers as we head out today.
And if prayers continue for Kaye, Big D, Aunt Bett, and Bob, I know they'd be as happy as me.
Here's to a Playdate that rocks the Cazbah!


  1. Good luck. Have fun. Looking forward to your return.

  2. Have fun! Be Safe! And take at least a million pictures!!

  3. Your caravan (and anyone inside it) will definitely be in my prayers. Have a wonderful, wonderful time x