Friday, December 24, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

Literally, I have been finishing off some scarves I knitted for Christmas. I love fiber arts, the feel of wool, but I don't have a long attention span I fear. So, as soon as one comes off the needles, I can't wait to start on some different fiber. Which leaves all these loose ends dangling, so I've been tucking them in, before sending them out.
I wish you could feel them. They are so very soft. Well, most of them anyway.

Here a couple more shots of the bookcases Handy Man made the children, without my reflection thankfully.

I think they are so beautiful.

I went to see Kaye yesterday afternoon-one word-pitiful. The infectious disease guy says the UTI bacteria has ceased growing and the type of pneumonia in both lungs is very responsive to the antibiotic he has her on. No one seems to know what causes here to react so badly to the dialysis. Her temp shoots up and she experiences dramatic shivering, more like convulsing. She is very weak, so Pete has to physically move her when she needs to restroom, etc. She is clearly in abject misery and this goes on for two hours or better after dialysis. They've made her have dialysis everyday, as her toxins are too high.
So, as opposed to a Christmas Eve evening, as is their custom, we're going for a Christmas Eve lunch, in case they order another dialysis. I have the potato salad and eggnog salad ready.
This evening, I'll head to Mom's.
What last minute ends are you tying up?

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