Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fudge, Fudge, Fudge

Well, the fudge is all done. Chocolate plain, with pecans, and with walnuts, peanut butter plain and with chocolate, white with coconut and white with toffee, cause you sure know everybody has their favorite and who ya goin' leave out being as "tis the season" and all. So far, it's been quite enjoyed.
Last week when I picked Bean up from school, he told me that day the teacher read aloud, The
Giving Tree. You so do not want me to get started on how vital I think read aloud time is in the classroom. Anyway, he was writing about it being better to give than to receive. Bean spent most of his first month in the local children's hospital, and, not to be outdone, so did his sister Bugg. I wasn't surprised that the area of his interest in giving would be to that hospital.
He said, "Gramerly, do you think you could write me a Christmas song and we could learn to sing it and go sing to those little sick kids at the hospital." Be still my heart. I love that boy in big way.
I usually keep the gramerlings on New Year's Eve, so this year on New Year's Day, in addition to taking the tree out with homemade bird feeders, I want to work on a change saving project with them. Then next November, we'll use the change for gifts for others. I am not sure my little ones can grasp the idea of orphanages, but they can understand how buying a flock of chickens for a family would provide much needed nutrition. It's so hard to turn the focus on others sometimes, especially when you so loving gifts to your very wee folk.

Lastly, some more good time pictures from the Gingerbread Party.
My blue boy only had eyes for his Pappy, and those were sleepy eyes.

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