Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ol' Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Baby Boy needed two hats and and two mitts to begin
the cooking.

Ah, life is interesting, isn't it? My sister Kaye was such a fan of toddlers. I'm not sure I ever knew anyone who loved you so passionately, just because you were three. I couldn't wait for her to have grandkids. I didn't know what kind of grandmother I would be, as I spent most of my toddler's days ticking off all the things I didn't feel I did right, but I knew what kind of grandmother she would be.

Unfortunately, her health took a serious nose dive before she was able to experience much about being a grandma. Sadder still, their other grandma's health went the same down hill direction, leaving them with grandparents with the same old want to, but without the means to do. I suppose it goes without saying that it routinely breaks my heart for everyone.

Ol' Mother Hubbard and I have always been very close. Naturally, I also want to have a relationship with her children. It's awkward though. Kaye is still quite aware of much, especially what she isn't able to do. So, I try to plan things separately, to do a grandma type thing, and keep it on the down low. My sister SuZQ does the same.

Then I try to help Kaye recreate Christmas Past. Last year, and the plan this year, was for Ol' Mother Hubbard and I to prepare their Christmas Eve dinner with her, while the babies nap, fixing all the things she used to fix. This causes no end of confusion for Bean and Bugg, who think that Ol' Mother Hubbard's kidlets belong here, just like them for every celebration, or, at the least, they belong there. They are always surprised to not find them here for my Christmas party. None of my explanations seem to make it understandable. They are here for everything else, why not Christmas? Yes, I am sort of their Gramerly too, but not exactly.

Well, I'm afraid she won't be in on the fixin's this year. We'll be taking it to the hospital.
She has a different UTI infection than ever before, a lung infection and a possible port infection.
She still is spiking a temperature high enough to render her out of her head and unable to function.
Okay, enough sad stuff.
Tuesday SuZQ, with her grandson, Big Al, and I headed to the Cupboard to celebrate Christmas. Ol' Henry started this tradition with his love of black bean omelets, so I bring my chickie girl eggs and let them make their own omelet. We eat supper together and lots of fudge and caramels and play away the evening-good times!

Ready Santa, uh, Kymbi.
How cute can you be?
First you shake the eggs.
Next you pour them in.
Wait for them to cook-yummy!

Flirt furiously with photographer cousin Big Al.

Merry Christmas from the not quite Baker's Dozen!