Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Rae-rae's house on Saturday.
I'm back to non-consumption of carbs, so it was wonderful to have a meal prepared with me in mind. I didn't have to say "no" to anything for the first time in four weeks.
She prepared asparagus wrapped in bacon, free-range baked rosemary chicken and a lentil salad. It was delicious.
I enjoyed seeing all they've done in their little yard. There was a bit of confusion when she asked me about the spinach, when what she was pointing out looked strangely familiar to cucumbers. Ahhhh, garden beginners-it was cucumber. I'm proud of them for turning that tiny yard into some yummy edibles.
It's funny how you see things come full circle. When I was a child, I loved flowers, but was quite uninterested in the vegetable gardening my Mom so enjoyed. I've slowly grown over the years into a rather large garden tender. Now my children are quite interested in where their food comes from.
For my own Mom for Mother's Day, I gave her gifts from the yard and garden. I started her a Forsythia bush that was ready for transplant, picked a sack of poke weeds from the woods, cut another sack of mustard greens to go with it, picked and arranged her a huge bouquet of flowers, brought mixed lettuces and made a big salad, and a dozen eggs.
Miss Bugg was excited yesterday for it to finally be warm enough to plant her soy beans. I have a tiny rake and watering can. She really got into planting and watering. Four generations of planters.
In other garden news, my pea plants are in full bloom and we're enjoying lots of spinach, lettuce and swiss chard.
Today is the day for planting the tomatoes. I can hardly wait for tomatoes.
In Kaye news, she got the first step to change from a chest access port to a fistula in her arm. She's had the surgery and came through it fine. They are going on a little vacation, so please keep them in your prayers.

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