Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Life-Sending Praises

The last couple of weeks have been wild and woolly. Nothing especially extreme, with the exception to extreme poor planning on my part.
As a teacher in Indiana, ISTEP is stressful. I try to plan some things for the kids to do while we hammer away at review and then during testing week, to hopefully take the pressure off the kiddos. The pressure for me, I've yet to find a way to relieve.
Anyway, once a year we do a Famous Hoosier Wax Museum, where the kids choose a person who is from Indiana and become an expert on him or her. The students write a biography, then a paragraph to memorize. They make posters and sell tickets, determine where ticket sales will go, then become that figure in a wax museum, complete with their own button. Step on the button, the wax figure comes to life and tells all about what made him/her famous.
Three weeks before, the extension office had called and said they finally had an incubator for me, so I plopped some eggs in there the day we got it, not thinking about when this little project would come to fruition. Then a talent show popped up, removing an entire afternoon of review.
On the Sunday before, I had decided on something I hoped would be received in the spirit it was given, to do for dear friends about to start a long journey with chemotherapy, then worried all night that what I decided to do was stupid. Of course, then I was concerned for them throughout that next day.
So on Monday, the chicks started to hatch. I hurriedly called Pete and asked if I could change my Kaye night to Tuesday, as I did not have the brooder ready for babies.
I hurried home and Handy Man helped me drag out all the junk, clean it thoroughly and haul it school. The class was beside themselves with five new baby chickies. Then Tuesday was the museum, then that night I went to Kaye's. Pete told me that he's having problem with sores on her feet- Lord have mercy, that is disastrous for a diabetic. Then he told she is forgetting to call to him and walking with no assistance. Remember, that's exactly what got us where she is today.
To say I left with a troubled heart would be an understatement.
Back to poor planning. I have my kiddos grow their own herbs. Then, when we study our unit on matter we use the herbs to make pizza sauce and ranch dressing from scratch. We make mozzarella cheese and pizza dough from the leftover whey. We squeeze lemons and make a mixture. I had planned it for the following Monday (this one just past) to do after testing. Then on Tuesday we put it all together for a pizza and salad lunch, with caramels for dessert. All this is to bring home the solute, solvent, physical and chemical changes recently learned.
Well, my brother-in-law was bringing me raw milk from the country on Thursday evening, so I was afraid to wait until the Monday plan, so we made it on that Friday afternoon. The first batch turned out perfectly, but the second one was troublesome and let's just say by the end of the day, I was completely undone. Then it was Adam's marathon on Saturday, followed by First Communion for my students to be, then prom pictures for a favorite girl, and Sunday traveling to Florence for my aunt's 90th birthday, all knowing a week of testing and cooking and chick caring was just around the corner. And there was more, but this is dragging on.
Umm, do I have a point? Yes, I'm getting there.
A friend at school asked me if everything was okay. She said, "Whenever I've prayed this week the Lord has placed you on my heart." "You haven't said anything, so all week I've just been praying for you to have peace."
I have a confession to make. I have never liked that Footprints poem -never. It didn't make sense to me that God would be carrying me and not let me know, thinking I was abandoned. I can't imagine my friend had any idea that what she said would mean so much to me. I really like this gal, but we aren't particularly close and only see each other for a few minutes at lunch a couple of times a week.
It just made all the difference in the world to me that God would let me know I was on His mind.
I did get through it all and mostly successfully. The chickies are fine, the wax figures in our museum were awesome and after inhaling their pizza the students proclaimed, "I wish we could do this again!" ( I'm afraid not this year my sweets.)
I was so touched that I knew I wanted to blog about it so I could remember-but I didn't. First one thing, then another. Today I tried twice to blog about something else, but the computer would not let me save it (something that's never happened before). So, I figured I'd best do what my heart was telling me and say, "Thank you Lord for loving me and telling me so."

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