Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Muck

Nothing much happening this evening, so a good night to work in the garden, except it wasn't.
Too much rain, everything is mucky.
No way I could hoe, so I just sat at the edges and plucked, in between hugging Arwen. Miss Arwen is insulted that I'd pay more attention to something as unworthy as a weed, when I could be playing with her.
I so carefully planted three little strips with poppies and covered it with very black potting soil. I left a space for me to kneel and weed between the strips. The rain washed away the top soil, so I don't know where it stops and starts.
Our weeds are horrible because I won't spray with anything, so I spent a lot of the evening on a scavenger hunt, searching for tiniest poppy sprouts among Jack in the Beanstalk weeds.
The peas are all abloom. Some blooms are white, others are lavender and purple. It looks like a flower garden. Tiniest peas are setting on.
It was just cool enough for the comfort of long sleeves. I love to be outside in such weather. Nothing inside holds as much interest as the tiniest thing I find outside.
This weekend I cut about 20 dollars worth of lettuce. A good return on my five dollars worth of seed. We had wilted lettuce salad for supper and it was delicious. I sent a big bag home with Rae-rae and have another big bag for a school lunch on Thursday.

My students are reading The Door in the Wall. The book is set in the Middle Ages and tells about a boy who contracts polio and is taken in by a Brother and cared for in a monastery. I invite the Sisters from the Benedictine Monastery to visit and the children compare the monasteries of today with ones from the past. I fix the Sisters lunch.
Have you ever been to The Dome in Ferdinand? If not, I'd highly recommend it-beautiful place.

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