Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up with the Chickens

Well, just let me say that when I was dreaming all this time of having chickens, I envisioned spending a lot more time looking at their cute little faces instead of their pasty little bottoms. Six to unplug today and some black chickies in the mix. I don't know what the problem is, so I'll just continue to unplug along.
It seemed when they arrived, all the chicks were close to the same size, but some of the black ones, and ones I believe to be Easter Eggers, are twice the size of the Red Stars and Buff Orpingtons. Handy Man was looking at them today in the brooder and declared that the brooder was not going to hold all those girls for long. This declaration was quickly followed by a trip to the Home Depot and now a larger brooder that can be used as a Chicken Tractor is taking shape as I type. He's going to use the wheels off the now defunct grill so I can roll it around the yard. Gotta love it- he's the man!
It's interesting how like the animals we are. When I first put my hand in the brooder with the chickweed, they all peep furiously and huddle in the corner for about one minute. Then Miss Sassy Chickie slowly comes over to check me out. The minute she starts eating out of my hand, the others knock each other over to see what what Sassy has found so intriguing. They would then excitedly trample anyone in their way.

I have had my brother-in-law Pete on my mind a lot this weekend. His birthday is coming up, maybe that's it, or we spent a lot of time talking at the hospital yesterday. He wants so very much for Kaye to get better. Everyday is just another round of appointments and decisions to be made. I came across this scripture, as I was reading this morning, and I plan to write it in his birthday card in hopes of giving him some encouragement.
Isaiah 46:3
Listen to Me, O house of Jacob,
And all the remnant of the house of Israel,
Who have been upheld by Me from birth,
Who have been carried from the womb,
Even to your old age, I am He,
and even to gray hairs, I will carry you!
I have made, and I will bear:
Even I will carry you , and will deliver you.

Good News indeed in a world where not much is thought of gray hairs.
What encourages you when you are down?

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