Thursday, June 25, 2009

Science on the Chicken Farm

It is hard to make an ice sculpture with this slippery stuff, but if you add a sprinkle of salt, guess what happens?

Will the oil float on the water or sink? Bean guessed right as Syd and Bugg helped Jeanne pour on the oil.

Dancing Raisins anyone? Bugg was most interested in this project. Now it "fwoats," then it sinks.

Antebellie is also quite intrigued.

I get it, you squish all the juice out of the lemon.

Oh Henry and Bean concentrating on their lemon shake-up in a bag. Add a straw and enjoy!

It was a fun day in the very hot sun for making great hypotheses and theories about cool stuff.
Funny colored bubble pictures tomorrow.

The chickens spent the day outside yesterday and will today if there is no rain. We plan to move them to the coop this weekend.
Hurrah- No pasty butts, not one, none at all.
A first- a good use for a Japanese Beetle- who'd a thought.
The chickie girls love them and I love providing them. Nothing pleased me more than removing their little munchy mouths off my once beautiful rose and tossing them into the chick pen. The girls are hysterical to watch. So snatchy and grabby. They have crazy big chickie feathers coming in all over and that sweet little downy fluff is falling out everywhere.

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