Monday, June 15, 2009

Opening Ceremonies

Chicken with pasty butt

Arwen, our Great Pyrenees puppy, decided to join me for Opening Ceremonies ( de-pasting) at the brooder this morning. She set there calmly and looked sad at the chickie and me each time I pulled out some little downy tufts ( makes me sad too Arwen and it sho don't make the chickie none too happy). Then she would lick my face with each distressed peep from the chickie.
I said, "Look Arwen, these are all your chickens." It was so funny. She looked right in the brooder and then at me with her head cocked and an expression that said, "Um, all of them." She is interested in them now, but makes no attempt to mouth or play with them- thank the Lord!
Less girls were plugged today than yesterday, so I hope we're progressing.

I'm thinking that tiny one who's name will now be Little Red Hen, instead of Miss Pasty Butt, was an extra. I received three of each kind, but four of the Red Star. She is so small and her wings are so tiny. All the black ones are more aggressive than the red and yellow chicks. There is a big one that is either a rooster, or plans to head up the pecking order. I think I will call her the Trunchbull after the principal in the book Matilda. If all the girls are clustered around my hand when it's time for their probiotic organic yogurt, she will just fly up and land square in the middle of them- just brazen. Little Red Hen can just about walk unnoticed right underneath most of the black ones.
I spent a lot of today shopping. I promised Bean a Scavenger Hunt this week for our Playdate. I needed some old tins, which I found for 29 cents at the Salvation Army Store. Inside the tins will go some exciting treasures- a few coins, sea shells, beads, etc. When everyone is here, I'll lead them to a discovery of an old letter from Bean's hero, Davy Crockett. They're will be a map of course, directing them to a treasure in the Deep Dark Woods, which Davy left before heading out to Texas. I can't wait.

I made a delicious country supper tonight. We haven't had Mexican Cornbread in years. Handy Man loves it and I'm going to be gone every evening this week, so he'll enjoy the leftovers. It was very tasty. Cauliflower has been so expensive for so long that I've sort of forgotten it as a dinner choice. The last few weeks, the price has fallen considerably. Last week, we had it steamed with cheese and tonight I made a salad with apples, pecans and dried cherries-yummy!
What are you having for supper?


  1. Tonight we had a classic summer dinner, BLTs! (of course Mr. A had a bacon and egg sandwich). We also had cheesy grits. Yum. And ice cream for dessert.

  2. I was just thinking of you the other day, wondering if I ever sent you that recipe for "Davy Crocketts?" I'm glad you're doing this so I can keep up with what you're up to! And tonight, we had chicken salad, carrots, celery, grapes, leftover squash, and some Cheeto-remnants. Let me know if you still would like that recipe!

  3. Hey there darlin',
    Why yes, I would like that recipe, and I imagine the Bean would as well.
    I love me some Cheeto remnants.
    Well, all the rest too, actually.
    Hope all is well with your little troop.
    A hug and a squeeze.

  4. We had my famous (out of a frozen bag!) Chinese food in honor of Aaron's 15th birthday! He will turn 15 this Sunday on Father's Day. We had shrimp & rice and teryaki chicken stir fry...yum! Oh, yeah, and lots of egg rolls!