Monday, July 23, 2018

Over? Hardly

So the service for David was lovely.  Our friend Steve did a great job.  Ol' Mother Hubbard shared about all the sweet and funny and lovely things, but reflected on the darkness with grace. Ol' Henry started the service with a sweet praise song about hope. I'm afraid I wasn't thinking clearly and failed to get a picture. Certainly that hope was a message we needed to hear.  Bo Steele sang Victory in Jesus,  Zach was next with Fear is a Liar and lastly, Jamie Johnson's Lead me Home. Friends kindly supplied the meal for this tribe and then it was off to the cemetery.
Aunt SuzQ took a rest on Kaye's headstone. She knew she wouldn't mind.

 Miss Linee and Baby Boy sang the family funeral song Never Been this Homesick Before.

Antebellie play her ukulele and sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Then they told us we could go while they finished up, but we thought we'd come this far, we'd just finish up ourselves.  I'm always amazed at how differently people feel about such things.  That's okay. I guess we aren't a timid bunch and we wanted to see it through.  You know it is just the last thing you get to be a part of, and we weren't going to turn it over to a stranger.

For whatever reason, it comforted me to lay that boy back in his mother's arms.  There was no where else Kaye would've wanted him to be.
It is strange how the world just goes on.  Strange and hard.


  1. Just re read your post and certainty your description of the service made me feel as though I was there. Thank you for that. I've thought quite often about you guys and been praying for you too.. David was a precious soul.. we will see him again in heaven...
    Brenda Shelton Luke