Wednesday, July 11, 2018


That is what seems to be swirling all around me today.  I am so sad. 
Three years ago I came home from the hospital after losing Glenda to the sweet comfort of Playdate and yesterday I had to leave Playdate to devastate my mother with the news  of the loss of her grandson, David. 

I need to get ready for reading camp today, but I just sit here and listen to this song over and over and cry,
All the memories flood through-
That boy we all wanted so much,
That nearly ten pounder with all that hair
Those big round startling blue eyes
Being seventeen and so very in love
Kaye's precious baby boy.

Son, brother, nephew and uncle,
Grandson, cousin to many,
Loving dad to his furry friend.
Ever looking at life through dark glasses.
Daily dealing with a pain we couldn't see or fix.
Finding life ever strange, distant, unmanageable.
Filtering the love we had for him through a sieve that didn't allow it to reach his mind.
My only comfort lies in my faith and my hope, that today sweet boy, this day for you, finally there is peace.

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