Thursday, July 20, 2017

Peter Pan In Neverland

This morning, thinking I better get these last piks up, I am just all emotional and teary again today.  So, I'm asking, "What is wrong with me?"  This never gets easier.  I decided I'm Peter Pan and who in the world would want to leave Neverland?  At school, I'm not Catholic.  At church, I'm not Episcopalian and there run into concepts and ideas that I just am unable to wrap my  mind around. I sure don't fit in with the fashionista crowd and my sweet, old farmhouse will never win an award for being neat or up to date. But at Playdate, I'm just who I am and Playdate is my happy place.
It was hotter than hades on Tuesday.  It was a day for bubbles and popsicles and lots of water play. 

During snack, before storytime, we took a minute to reflect on our favorite parts of Playdate. Missy Bugg declared that was an impossible question to answer, though the creek pops right out all over.  I brought their attention to the blessing of a safe and happy summer enjoying God's marvelous creations.  I prayed they would know good from evil when they lay eyes on it, to live long, prosper and have a merciful end.  My constant prayer for all my poopies.

We made bubble wands from wood sticks and string.  The definition of boy- Noise with dirt on it.

Sydlee was the master bubble maker, but everyone got in on it, including the adults.
We tried a recipe with gelatin. They did seem to last longer.

Watching Claire move like a robot and the kids following this bubble just cracked me up for some reason.

This next picture is back when she was Claire Bear and about the same age as her youngest is now.

June Bugg worked and worked to finally get this bubble- hurrah!
 Buttons is proud of her little bubble.
Nice job Blue Eyes.

And this girl, a most favorite former fourth grader who has returned for four summers to lend me a hand.  I love her, the kids love her.

Figuring out how these clompers work.
Michael got in the act.

I've gotten pretty good at having everything ready to roll, so I can get supper on the table in just a few minutes. Rae and Ms. Glitzy and I then fill plates as hard and fast as we can go.  Even though it was hot, a hungry crew inhaled the dumplings and green beans, Jello jigglers and bread pudding. 

And then you have these two sweet  funny kids, who joined Playdate at 2 and 5 years old.  Now their hysterical, impromptu, lack of stage show, plays to a captive audience.

After the dramatic production, Giddy-Up was desperate to limbo some more, so we did.

Holding up that end of the broom was about all poor Bean could do. He had a terrible allergic reaction to something.  Ceece reminded the same thing happened last year. I don't know what it is, but it sure is fast and awful.
So, like it our not, time for me to return to my day job.
Precious to me, these people, these memories, these blessings.  Thank you Lord!

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  1. I can sure see why Playdates are your happy place! I am really glad you share them!