Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day

In addition to fun in the sun with the Gramerlings, and some catch-up visiting, summer is time to try and undo some of the damage I'm able to inflict on this old house.  This week it was the back porch.  Still hate that job.  I have always parted ways with outgrown or no longer wanted things, but after having to purge Mom's house two years ago, I am even more willing to let go of stuff.  Maybe I should say more understanding of the need to do it.  Still, it is a challenge for me.
  Missy Bugg and Antebellie have long since outgrown their pink silkies from the early Playdates that involved a rest time.  But when I pick them up, I'm taken right back there.  It helps if I can give them a new home.  Since Rae is in the business of comforting baby girls, I passed them on to her.
 I got out Daddy's Christmas sweatshirt that I painted for him back in the day when painting sweatshirts was the thing.  He loved it and wore it every Christmas till his last.  Good try on my part, but it was washed and returned. So I wash and sort and pitch and cry.  It is done, thank the Lord. The bedroom is next.
My mama still grieves all of her things, even though she doesn't take one bit of notice of those items that remain.  I have a bag of her cookbooks that I will take and see if we can look through them and talk about them and give her a bit of comfort.
The holiday fell on Tuesday's Playdate this year so I decided to move playtime to a morning brunch, so as not to interfere with people's Fourth of July plans.  Sausage biscuits and gravy and creme brulee toast with sparkling apple juice were enjoyed.  We had a little morning rain so it was porch picnic.

This little sugar smack needed to tell me all about his rough night of endless noisy fireworks. Seriously, I could just eat him up.

 Be sure and keep your light saber where it is handy.

Most of my usuals weren't planning to come, so I didn't have much planned for the kids.  As is typical, they use whatever to make their own fun.
 Had some surprise visitors-SMK cuties.  Loved having a minute with our Bran and Susan.
 My bug boy brought a friend home from the creek.
 And Bean unearthed another treasure from the ancient seas.

I wondered how the dog would do on his first firecracker event. I told Handy Man we might better just stay in with a movie and him. Handy Man sarcastically commented, "You mean instead of going to all those parties we're invited to?"   I returned in kind, "Don't you know that if you want to have friends, you have to be a friend and have people to your house to eat?"  Handy Man chuckled and replied, "Oh, is that how that works."  Clearly,  I really don't how it works. So it was a quiet evening.  Mom is having an issue with a sore spot, so I cut men's cotton hankies in half, wrote her last name and apartment number on all twenty-four of them,  and hemmed them up to  see if some soft cotton padding might help.
Thank the Lord, no firework injuries.  And, as I've gotten more involved in this Refugee Ministries, thank the Lord for so much of all kinds of amazing goodness and freedom to make choices.
We're off this morning to sample some more Kentucky lime water, after they mix it with some corn and barley and a few other things, don't you know!

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