Monday, July 17, 2017

Guess Not

In spite of my wishing, this summer isn't going to slow down and is flying to its end, as I return to school next Monday. As seems to be the case with me, leaving too many things that I never got to.  Well I did get to spend some time with folks I love.
Another ladies luncheon with good food and sweet fellowship, a week ago Saturday.
 Mr. Smiley and his crew came to eat yummy leftovers with bamboo tongs and safety glasses. You just can't trust that grilled chicken to not hop out after you.
 In the very major purge of the back porch I did set aside this shower curtain and a silver tablecloth to use for superhero or fairy capes.  In an odd turn of events, I actually didn't stow them away but made the capes!
 We have tried unsuccessfully to grow our own fruit.  The deer are relentless, but Handy Man did manage to save this peach- a banner day.  We shared it and it was delicious.
 We did some woodworking last Playdate.  The goal was for each family to end up with a pop gun, clompers and a pair of stilts.  Lots of sanding in the sweatshop.

 This week, our newest Playdate friends were our storytime readers and did a great job with much expression.  So cute.

Some of the kiddos returned on Thursday for a morning of watercoloring.  In the late afternoon Bugg and Giddy-Up helped me clean house for yet another dinner.
This year was my first to serve on our church's Art on the Parish Green Committee.  We had a pitch in here on Friday evening to share about the experience.  It was a great time.
Saturday morning found us perusing a local art garden and nursery in full bloom at this time of year.  
Sunday was Mom day. Oh my. She's been on the struggle bus, and when she is, we are as well.  A kind doctor friend shared some changes that might help and we are employing those in hopes of some better days.
Today I took a couple of chickens to present a lesson to Kid's Garden on compost.
This evening we'll head out to a wee campground to join Rae and her crew for a campfire.
Cramming everything in I can.  I better go feed and water and take care of the pot of chicken that will become dumplings for our last long Playdate.

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  1. Summer really has gone to quickly. Can't believe you go back next week but I will admit Amara is anxious to go back!