Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summertime Science

As much as I love the advantages of technology, it equally makes me crazy.  Last night I sat down to load my pictures from the day.  I noticed Bean picking up the camera, then later Nick, then Bean again.  I didn't think too much about it until 189 pictures came up to import. Oh my!  About half way through the import this ol' Mac said, "Umm, can't do it."  So, I discontinued the process, the camera was dead, so charge the battery. Then, I couldn't get online. So while trying to figure the new problem out, I went through yesterday's pictures and deleted, oh, a hundred and twenty or so.  No problem importing today.  In hindsight, I don't think one thing had anything to do with the other. So phone calls to tech support said I needed a new router.  Anyway, it has been quite a road to getting this post up.
It was a big population day at Playdate.  I meant to take a picture of the vat of sauce I made with six pounds of ground beef and the five pounds of spaghetti, but just getting all those plates filled kept us rather occupied.
The kiddos love science day. So after getting settled and getting all participants in safety glasses, we started with an easy one I picked eight years ago when Missy Bugg and Antebellie were two. I've never really disallowed a child doing a science project no matter how little.  Even if they don't get it at two, they will as the years go by.  Anyway, into everyone's cup went raisins, then lemon lime soda.  We watched as the raisins danced and talked about how that works. I was impressed with their powers of observation and ideas. Did you know you need safety glasses to watch raisins dance- pretty crazy.

After watching the dancing, we took a different spin on Gak,

 adding cornstarch to the glue, resulting in a bouncy ball- cool.  Gak has always been a favorite

These baby boys are the ones passing out the stuff this year

Baby Giddy-up was not too sure about this Gak business. Now, science is his love.

Next we made Explodanators.  Vinegar and water in baggie, slip in some baking soda wrapped in tissue, seal and pitch- Kapowie!

This is elephant's toothpaste in process.

Simply fascinating.

Using salt and colored water to mine ice for treasures is always a favorite.

Then story and snack, this time with a Missy Bugg reader.

Miss Min sporting her own little Wayside dumpling.

Our Kate's boy has sure grown and look at those adorable curls.

 Before heading to creek for science of the fossil variety, Miss Glitzy did our traditional Mentos/Diet Coke, ahem, experiment. Eventhough we all know what's going to happen, it is still a thrill.
Good picture Bean Town.
I'm not sure Ms. Glitzy was quite as excited as our first experiment back in the day, but pretty close.
 Then off to the creek with hammers and chisels to find more cool fossils.

Hat's off to Ol'Henry. The only one besides his sister able to lure this boy away from Mama.  Ol' Henry helped him explore the wonders of the creek.

Hammer Heaven

My Little Mermaids

What a geode.

Ooooh, what is that cool tool you have Uncle Jimi?

How fun, a mustard trick.  That Giddy-up loves tricks.

Missy Bugg's lillys are in bloom.
 You might notice our Haitian guests are missing.  I went to pick them up at their ESL school across the river, but they were not there.  Attempts to resolve where they might have been have failed to this point.  This has been somewhat of a trying experience and can't say where it might be going.

Our little Peony Posie left us this afternoon. Though it was only a few weeks, that squishy sweetness sure has left a mark on our hearts.  I don't how to comfort my child, or my own self for that matter.
Pray on!


  1. Lilli was very excited to be reading. She has been talking about it since the first play date. and of course she's so happy with her Lily's. hooray for another pretty day!

  2. That last picture is my favorite! You are making such wonderful memories for all the little ones -- and such great memories for you!