Wednesday, June 7, 2017

And the Summer Games Begin

Our kickoff for summer Playdate couldn't have been more beautiful and summery, without excess heat and humidity- thank you Lord!
It was also my kick-off for mentoring a refugee.  I picked up our new friend at 11:00- a single mom with a five year old, who I will refer to as Lyn and An.
Summer shirts are always the first order of business- herding cats I tell you.  A challenge because they are all so excited that summer is finally here and play, play, play is the order of day. I know, I know, but how will you have a summer shirt to wear if you don't make it?

I did pull out the water table for the little ones as they finished up.

Everyone was ready for a snack which is storytime as well.  From We Bloom Here, I discovered a new book about storytelling.  I tried one of the activities Emily suggested.  Onto a set of white cardstock, Missy Bugg affixed a picture. I cut these from magazines and such.  Each child chose a picture. I started the story, and each one in turn continued the story adding an element involving the chosen picture.  Oh my, how I love such creative thinking.  Even my little Mr. Smiley, barely three, got the hang of it.  An earlier picture included bacon, eggs and toast.  His picture was of a kitten, so his story addition informed us that the bacon fell off the table on the kitten's head and the kitten ate it up!

Shirts, stories and snacks complete, we headed up the hill to explore the fort, swings, and other play.
This gave me and Uncle Jimi a few minutes to canoodle with our newest lovie Grayson.  Another Playdate helper returning with her tiniest Playdater.
Of course, the mesmerizing shirt of antiquity making an appearance just for him.

While we were enjoying her new boy, Annie Laura delighted my peeps by joining them in their play.

That monkey in the tree has certainly grown.

 Then it was creek time.  I had been putting it off because the swimsuit I bought our visiting little girl was too small and Rae, who had to take Peony to the doctor, ran by Target to exchange it.  Monday evening's pop up storm swished out the creek and soon it was flooded with shrieks and screams and giggles.  Rae's little Wayside Sassy Pants loves the water as did An.  The mulberries that hang over the creek were ready and much fun ensued.

 It seems we've come full circle at Playdate- what I had imagined, but took awhile to transition.  I envisioned that the original Playdaters would become the teachers to the little ones.    Bugg, Linee and Annabellie are ever holding a little hand, providing a lap for storytime, and helping with whatever is needed. Sydlee, who's been here since the age of two, is such a help to me.  I know when I hand Mr. Smiley over to her care, she will be diligent in not only watching him, but enriching his play.

Bean took most of the playground pictures and is so good to find cool stuff in the creek and share it the littles.
A bonus, the old Playdate helpers are coming with their littles-sweet.  And sometimes we have a reunion.  Claire played in my yard and creek when she was a bit of a girl and we enjoyed her company with her three wee folk today as well. 
And what you don't see- angels watching over us- praise be!


  1. Got fun reports from both kiddos. sad I have to miss them now. :-(

  2. I really like the shirt making idea. What did you use for the colors- paint or tie die? I've been lucky to have my girls more weekends. This is something I would like doing with them.

    1. Mostly we use Tulip fabric spray paint. Wash the shirts, no fabric softener. Pick cool leaves, dried wheat like things, a stick and arrange. Spray different colors, or all one color. Or if you don't want white showing through, spray lightly with one color, then cover and spray another color. Let it dry a bit and flip overWhen dry, dry in dryer for 15 minutes or so to set the paint.

  3. Tulip fabric scary- I will check out our local Hobby Lobby store. Thanks!

  4. That book sounds wonderful! Just added it to the wish list. I will be working with first graders again next year (and maybe in 2nd grade, too!) and that story idea sounds like so much fun! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pictures. Amazing how much all of them have grown.

  5. It was so fun listening to each addition to the story.