Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Little Heart Heavy

Working hard to get ready for Opening Day at camp, but feel the need to rest this heavy heart here this morning.  In spite of all the hugs, squeezes and giggles this day will hold, I'm remembering  two summers ago, when Auntie GLou made her exit on the morning of Playdate.

Life is strange. As I sat down here to remember and spend the tears that are gnawing at me, this song came on.
Since You Went Away- Since you went away Aunt Tish and I work hard to keep Mom healthy, safe and happy when we can make it happen.  I got a gift card from a student, so I took her to Red Lobster and I always think of you. And when I think about you, I talk about you and we talk about what a glad reunion we'll have in heaven one day.  It looks like she is having TIA's and needless to say, they cause her great anxiety.   They cause Tish and I  a good bit of anxiety as well.

Okay, just needed to spend some time on you this morning.


  1. I have been spending several mornings of late speaking to her and Anthony and papaw Raymmie. I found my wedding dress and my wedding bouquet you made yesterday moving things from storage and it was like it was yesterday. In the basement of the the church getting ready, Mom didn't want to wear makeup because she knew she would cry it off and smear it, papaw giving me away, little Timothy tossing rhe ring pillow up and down during the vows LOL.... i miss them so much! It was beautiful to me even with the short notice and the even shorter notice in change of church venue.. HaHaHa. Never could do anything easy...i guess. Love you.

    1. Everytime this dogwood blooms in the yard I remember you coming out to see if I could make something for your little wedding. Who knew those wide eyed babies would have such a long lasting love. Too much loss for you sweet girl. I pray you find those things that warm and comfort your broken heart.

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    1. Thank you girl. Bean and Bugg were a great help today. Such a beautiful day.