Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter and Stuff

I find this blogging seems a bit harder for me than it used to be. I guess after eight years the novelty has worn off. Perhaps too, is that I feel we live a sort of low key, rinse, wash repeat type of life.  I don't feel like I ever have much new to say. That's not a bad thing, but a kind of boring thing.
For kicks and giggles, I went back to April 2007, and there found that I had thirteen entries.
 This month two will probably be all there is to tell. There's always an other hand, so on the other hand, I love that I have these memories to look at whenever I want to, even though they make me cry.

So, Playdates continued with Easter crafts.

 Giddy-Up wanted to see Bean's Bug "Connection", as Bean called it when he was three, so I got it out and we looked at some pretty pitiful bugs and stuff.  In spite of their less than stellar shape, the kids were enthralled.

 My man Mr. Smiley is always good for a song and two step.
Our sunflower cake.

 I love this window in my church. Though 4:30 is early to be up, I enjoyed attending our Easter Vigil at 6:30. I love entering the church dark as a tomb, with only our candles.  I was a reader and really love proclaiming the Word.  It was a long reading too.  Then the light comes creeping in this back window, until the church is lit by the sun and we've reached the story of our Risen Lord!  Sweet.
 Drummer Boy and Gwen hosted a fun and tasty Easter Supper.

 Buttercup left me a message exclaiming that my coconut pie was the best she'd ever eaten in her life!
 These two turned five and six years old last week and our little Pixie will be two in just over a week.
 Who is this grown up guy?
 All the crazy group.

 As I've shared before, I'm not so fond of some aspects of this little wee farm.  There were nine tiny bunnies and now just this little guy. He has a mama that just doesn't get quite how it's done.

 Taking apart Pap's old mower.

 Last year I bought a set of Lavender Orpingtions, because they are good layers and good mothers.  They are obviously also bad roosters.  You have to watch this guy like a hawk.  Thankfully, he doesn't like SamWise, so that helps.

 Do you see that little helpful youngster, pushing his Wayside Posey in the swing when she hollered for him?

 When Bean and Ol' Henry were little, I made them little paper sack scrap books.  This quote was my absolute favorite sticker.  I couldn't believe  I found it on a tee shirt.

This was my very first noise with dirt on it. I thought then and still do, that there just could not be a cuter face.

Though he had, and continues to have some serious competition. Be still my heart.

 Giddy-up was intent on catching something.
 Yes, a fish. So exciting. Is it alive? No, it is dead as a doornail, but that did not impede the enjoyment in any way.
 One more time Lord, let me say a sincere thank you for this amazing creek and Your amazing creation.  We are fascinated.

Less than excited about ISTEP next week.  Hopefully this batch of eggs will hatch and brighten the kids days.  Spring is here!

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  1. I understand what you mean about saying the same things over again each year but please don't stop! I love seeing all the pictures and how much everyone has grown and I love all your adventures!