Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Unicorn for your Birthday

Or a pony, isn't that every little girl's dream?  Well, the dream came true for my least Pixie who is two today and her sister Buttons who was five last week.
We went so very long with no spring birthdays. Uncle Jimi is March and Handy Man at May's end. Then the last four all came within two weeks between the April 15 and May 2. It is a big birthday time around here.
First we had a little flood scare.  For only the second time in all the many years we've lived here, the creek got out of the banks and into the front yard. The bunnies barely escaped being washed away.  No real harm, far as we know.
Unfortunately, Drummer Boy's basement was flooded.  Hard to pull off a party after ripping up carpet and padding all morning, but it was an adorable Puppy themed party with special pony and unicorn visitors.

 It is now warm enough that creek play will likely be a part of every Playdate.

The love of crawdads never ends.

 We have six little chicks I hatched in the classroom this week.  One was quite weak, so I brought them home for the weekend. SamWise wasn't sure what to think about them.  He is sure he loves being outside when it is warm and dry.
I loved this morning.  Handy Man and I walked about cutting out all the volunteer things that choke the plants we'd like to grow and thrive.  SamWise was very unhappy when we worked outside his bounds, so Handy Man traded his collar for a  leash and he stayed close.
Restful weekends are such a delight.

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