Saturday, February 11, 2017

How Do I Love Thee Cardboard Box

Let Me Count The Ways

 I love the way that warm brown expanse of surface calls to the two year old and the five year olds, to the girls and to the boys, inviting all kinds of creativity to flow around and about.  Giddy-up spent a great deal of time quoting a favorite book, "The Book With No Pictures."

I love the way your ends open inviting one child at a time to climb inside and scare all the others with their fiercest roar.

 I love the way a simple turn produces a podium, where my fav kindergartner serenades me with a song of all fifty states.

 I love how a few snips with the nippers results in tepee house to chill in for a while.

 Where else can you get so  much bang for your buck?

Sadly, as I feared, the local critter population have  come to the realization that Strider is no longer on guard.  Lost my beautiful Mil' Fleur Bantam this week.
That bad Loretta Hen has taught her cohorts to find other places to lay.  Ever an egg hunt around these parts.  This chicken needs a bit more tutoring in the art of camouflage.

Almost time for the Valentine Ball.  Missy Bugg came over last night to decorate.  I always love to watch her work.

 I got a new chicken game, so we took a break mid decorating to try it out.
 Back to work.

Today was spent at the pool. Not the most comfortable place for a Gramerly at my stage of life- ugh, hot and steamy.  Mr. Bean came in first place in every event except one, took lots of time off.  Missy Bugg had a good workout, as swimming is not nearly as fun as decorating.

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