Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Sweetest Day

The Valentine Ball was all kinds of fun and treats.  I love watching Missy Bugg Martha Stewart do her thing.  She uses whatever is at hand to costume the little ones up and then makes one game after another to entertain them. She is  my favorite party girl.

You can see a little of the sparkly lights on the door in the back right. That's what the whole room looks like and it's actually dark.  Here Bugg is doing a Hershey's Kiss Walk to the music.
 Time for some dancing.

The usual photo fun with some cutesy lips and noses.

 Can you catch these kisses?

 Okay, you happy, I stuck this on here, now take the pictures and leave me to my cool teenagerness please.
Laws, he's handsome.

A big time was had by all!


  1. How fun and I can't believe how fast everyone is growing!

  2. I can hear all the laughter- looks like it was a grand time!