Saturday, January 28, 2017

The End of January You Say

Ummm, how could it already be the end of the month?  Whew, time flies. Busy as usual with school and church and family and friends.  Not so much with the Handy Man as he is still working an opposite shift that was supposed to have lasted two months. Here we are at the end of month three and we're looking at many more.
I have never been great at entertaining myself. Well, that isn't entirely true. I have lots of things I'm interested in, but it is just a comfort for me to have someone else around. Even if the someone is watching TV or working in the yard or garage.  I blame it on being the sixth of seven children.
I'm trying to stay busy. I'm doing a book study at church and still working on building community in this new church.
In a happy God- incident, a friend who moved  has been in town to work on a house she's getting ready to sell. She's stayed over a few nights this month. Such fun.
I somehow hurt my leg over Christmas and while I have a much greater range of motion than in the first days, I just can't handle being on it long. I walked an easy trail for Holy Hikes two weeks ago-flat, half  mile, and paid for it.  I hate so much not being able to do my walk after school, so Ms. Glitzy and I have been doing some yoga.  I had it evaluated yesterday and the doc says he thinks it will heal, but I need some physical therapy.
My wee playdaters have  missed being out and feeding the chickens, but without my helpmate, with a bum leg and a hateful rooster with "chicken dumpling" written on his back side, ahem, I can't chase them.  Still, we've managed to have some fun these last weeks.
I realized I had not had a tea party in some time.   There is much to be learned during a tea party.  How to stop when you get to the top.
 How to grasp sugar cubes and get them to your cup.
 Ahh, how to drink from a regular cup.  So many children now have never learned to drink from a cup because every cup they've ever touched has a lid.  We practiced sipping on this evening, and they are getting it.
 We took our paper white bulbs out of the marbles and questioned why one was so big and tall, while the other two were so short.  We discovered that the big plant had a great root system, while the other two had almost no roots.
 One night we made edible snow flakes.  We cut tortillas into snowflakes, rubbed them with butter, then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar to bake.  Yum.
 Another night a store bought donut was the treat. Still puts a sparkle in this boy's eye.
 During our geometry unit in fifth grade, we created some faux stained glass. I thought with some help, my littles could handle it.  They did a great job.  We discussed  "tri" and "qua".

 Seldom do I use the computer or tv with my poopies, but they weren't sure about stained glass, so we made a trip to the computer to look at some lovely stained glass art.
Mr. Smiley trotted out of the playroom with this basket on him arm informing us that, " I'm going to the Farmer's Market to get some "begables."  So cute.
I don't wonder that when my Wayside Posey Sassy Pants gets where she's going that her caregiver might be curious about her vocabulary.  I was pouring store bought milk over her cereal and she looked at it and said, "Aw you out of cow's milk?"  Then while pushing her grocery cart she said, " I'm going to the buying club."  She loves kefir and will ask if something is a supplement.
Giddy-Up and I worked on this new project, which is too hard for me.

 I can't remember what this string was for, but my little man decided it was ear phones.
 Sassy Pants is making a table .
 Very serious about coloring.
 I love little games like this this moon balance game. It is fairly easy, but to ever get all the pieces on requires some strategy .

This is a work weekend.  Last night was Family Fun Night at school with Steve the Scientist.  Missy Bugg and Giddy-up were the only takers.  I tell you, those two are a joy to take anywhere. They get along good together and love anything going.  Bugg came back home with me for awhile and we enjoyed looking at new book Gardener E. gifted her with.
I always ask about school and my heart always breaks anew at the conversation.  No, not reading any good chapter books, no, not doing much science or social studies, no, can't go out if the temp is under fifty degrees.  I'm reminded how grateful I am to be able to offer them so many experiences.
Thank you Lord for this old farm house, a creek, some chickens.
Sunday will find me in the classroom for Open House.  On Tuesday, I'll take my group to knit with the group where Mom lives.  And poof, it will be February.
Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of my life.

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  1. Love that last line! Your grands are so lucky to have you to supplement their education. Not going outside if it is under 50 just seems absurd. Hope your leg gets to feeling better soon.