Thursday, January 5, 2017

The New Year Experience-

According to Missy Bugg and Bean to some Degree

At home today, being our first snow day.  I know Bean and Bugg are home too and they like to see past experiences as they appear here, so I'll get these million pictures up.
It was warm enough for a bonfire, so that is where we spent most of our evening. Nothing delights Bean more than hearing old family ghost tales and talk of terrifying things. Missy Bugg is not a fan. Alas, my camera battery was dead.  Later, when the recharging was done, Bugg said we needed to make up for no fire pictures and proceeded to take a picture of nearly everything in the house that would hold still and some that wouldn't.
I had a party bag of stuff and Oma sent more, so she decked herself out early on.
 Oh, my nearly teenager, who agreed to hold a celebratory hat.
 And Mr. Scout who was a prancy mess, finally decided to settle as the New Year drew near..

 Happy New Year! She still isn't crazy about that sparkling juice.
 She showed me this picture to inform me of Bean's poor photography skills, but I liked it.

 She has a fascination with taking pictures inside of bags.
 So we all piled up together for a long Winter's nap.  Then it was time for our traditional blessing gems.

 Here we are, inside another bag.

 Loom knitting.

 The New Year's Day chore of taking down the tree.

 And, the must haves to kick 2017 off in the right direction, black-eyed peas and cabbage.  She ate exactly one pea and one tiny piece of cabbage. Bean enjoyed his New Year Dinner.

Bugg's Mama is going to need to school that girl in how to take as flattering as possible pictures of her Gramerly. While she certainly didn't leave me out, ahem, none of them will appear here.


  1. i like seeing the event through their eyes. ;-)

  2. What wonderful pictures of a wonderful time - but you really should in all fairness post the missing pictures!