Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tea Two

When I have to return to the classroom in July my heart is broken, but I do love this two weeks in October.
Since I had a lot of leftovers from Saturday's big tea I thought we'd have Tea Two with my littles.

Littles? These pictures make my eyes smart.  Look at Bean standing there like a man, and Ol' Henry right behind him.  It is sweet to me that in there bigness they still line up for the tea party.

My sweet Linee finds herself a littlest one to mother.  What a blessing now, how the big ones tend the wee ones.

This shot makes me chuckle every time I look at it.  Giddy-Up discovered coon tracks and shouted to the others, "Let's investigate this and see where he went." He turns to creep off after the mystery track maker and all his people get right behind him.
 Time for a little face painting.

 This girl, Antebellie, a child after my own heart.  Her creativity never stops flowing.  I was painted with creek rock paint and leaf paint.

 Who knew one tiny minnow could be the focus of such attention.
 This creek trip resulted in lots of caught leaves.
Such a beautiful Playdate. Finally it was cool enough to cook supper out.

Finally I had a chance to walk around my yard. My goodness, this beauty bush is putting on quite a show.

 Time to sort and wrap the books for the Advent boxes.

 One last book for the first box.  Yes, it is really early, but it quite time consuming and I am never sorry when December 1 rolls around and they are ready to go.

Looking forward to the rest of this break.

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  1. I love all the pictures - especially the one of them heading off to inspect! But you're absolutely right - they aren't so little anymore! They are all growing so quickly! Thanks for sharing them.