Saturday, October 1, 2016

An Endless Birthday

It seems the birthdays go  on and on this time of year.  After mine, Buttercup turned eight. Hmm, what? What you mean she turned eight?

Then Bugg turned ten!  Then Mom turned 88 and my friend, Gardner E. turned eighty.
Gardner E. has showed up in my class every week for twelve years to do art with my class.  My goodness the projects we've done.  We've had great fun and wanted to pull out our hair in equal measure sometimes.  Outside of school, we've shared many meals where she listens to all my concerns about education.  I wanted to do something special for her 80th birthday.  Her drink of choice is tea, so a birthday tea seemed an obvious choice.

 I've been planning for months and had such fun pulling it all together. I used hankies for napkins. I made the flower arrangements in tea tins.  Each guest received a tiny succulent with a fun quote.   I found charms and made napkin rings.  A friend loaned me all the china I didn't have.

 Sadly, I can no longer manage all my big ideas, so I involve all my people.  Aunt Tish and Rae came to help on the eve of the big day.  After two day of conferences, I was about spent and was so happy for their help and company. Ms. Glitzy and Sydly were the lead decorators and food setters, then served the tea.  I love the time I get to spend, even when we're working our fannies off. Handy Man was handy indeed.  I would not even attempt such an endeavor without him. Ceece snapped pictures and captured the event.  It takes a village.

 Missy Bugg was late because wee homecoming princesses have to be in the town parade.  As soon as she came, she kept all the guests in tea, mints and candy corn crunch.  That girl loves a party.

  Rae came with her family a bit later and Bugg was so sweet to show Giddy-Up the serving ropes. He went around and asked if anyone wanted more Apple Spritzer. Who can say, "No," to a cutest boy? Between he and Bugg, I imagine the guests floated home.

It was a lovely afternoon and Gardner E. seemed to throughly enjoy herself.

Remember my lovely tomatoes for my birthday. Well, at the end of the week I had two remaining.  I baked them in this pie and it was heavenly.

Our Wayside Rosie returned to her family on Friday.  Whew, such things are just hard.  I pray she's well taken care of.  I will miss that tiny ball of joy.

Yay for the arrival of fall and fall break.  I was so very ready.

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  1. It just amazes me how quickly the children are all growing up! But it is nice when they are there to help. Looks like a wonderful tea and your pie looks amazing!