Friday, October 14, 2016

A Break Indeed

This fall break has just been lovely.  I've had the opportunity for long visits with good friends and family and my Handy Man. I've read and read. The weather has been glorious.  I think I've fed half of this county and a few other counties as well. I've lost track of the dinners and lunches and I'm not done.
Bean was off on his upteenth vacation this year. That child goes on more vacations than anyone I know.  He's ocean fishing.  
Since our little Wayside Rosie was returned to her family, I thought I'd plan an outing on Monday past, to give Rae a day to herself before another wee one arrived.  Not something she has much experience with- days to herself.  I was too late as last Friday another little Wayside Gramerling came to us.  It turned out that a family member had an outing planned for her for most of the day Monday, so it worked out.
On Saturday Pap brought them a load of sand for their coop. Our new little missy was sleeping. On Sunday they came out to transfer a few chickie girls and one rooster to their new digs and we met this little Posey. 
She is such a cutie and a talker, oh my.  

She is the same age as Mr. Smiley, so Rae is anticipating some interesting questions.

She loves Rae's hair.

The Captain dropped off Missy Bugg and we went to get Giddy-Up and Mr. Smiley and headed north to a great kid's museum.  It was such a beautiful day and the kids were so good.

Mr. Smiley was not fond of the idea of being flushed down the toilet.
He did love the bubbles.

 They had giant Orbeez. So squishy.

 My circus, my monkeys.

Missy Bugg and her daddy spend a lot of time rock climbing. She's quite the pro.  
This was Giddy-up's first time, but he climbed on up there and rang the cow bell.

 Time for a sundae as big as their head.
 Hmm, sauce you say, let me taste.
 Excuse me, I think I'll just drink it.

So grateful for this wonderful break before I hit the ground running from Monday through Christmas Crazy. Lord help!

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  1. That last picture is absolutely priceless! We have a place close by called Pretend City that is very much like the kids museum you went to. Such fun. I miss the days when she was little! But so glad she still loves her Grandma.